It is located inside the National Park Iguazú, in the border with Brazil. The Iguazú Falls, that in Guarani languaje it is means Big Water . They are composed for 275 falls distributed in the shape of half moon along 3 km and with falls that overcome all 80 mts.

Among the falls that are stand out they are Mitre, Belgrano, Rivadavia, San Martín, Bozzetti, Dos Hermanas and the famous Garganta del Diablo, one of the most spectacular falls for its size and the effect.

The Iguazú Falls were declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO in 1984.

The National Park Iguazú , which shelters to the famous falls, has 67.000 hectares, in which they live more than 400 kinds of birds, about 2.000 plant species, which does of this place one of the richest natural environments.

To the incomparable attraction of Iguazú Falls, which do of this zone one of the most important tourist destinies of South America, they add a wide and modern hotel infrastructure with establishments it 5 star, familiar hotels, simple accomodations and restaurants for all the tastes and pockets.

Shoppings and trades, a complete offer of services and the possibility of developing numerous activities like: nautical walks, treks in the jungle, safaris photographic, sports fishing, etc., in a natural environment of jungle it makes more interesting visit the zone.

Coming here is very simple, Puerto Iguazú and Foz do Iguaçu have modern international airports and bus station that connect them with the principal cities of every country. Also it is frequent the use of car in view of the good condition and signposting of the highways.

The city of Puerto Iguazú, founded on 1901 in the extreme northwest of Misiones, has 40.000 habitants and it is the ideal point to lodge and to know the zone from the Argentine side.